Strategic Solutions for Businesses

Strategic Solutions for Businesses in the USA and Latin America

Driving Productivity, Efficiency, and Expansion Through Strategic Alliances and Market Conquest.

Strategic Solutions for Businesses

Who We Are

Born on April 21, 2003, as consultants and providers of knowledge, solutions, and opportunities in different areas, which facilitate the path for Companies and Families towards the construction of their dreams.


Strategic Solutions for Businesses

Philantrophic Contribution

To create a network with a global projection that trains, connects and supports both enterprise-level and/or staff with special programs that benefit the arts & culture and nonprofit organizations giving our time and energy to a cause.

To create, develop and commercialize solutions that facilitate business management in the United States of America and Latin America.

Strategic Solutions for Businesses

Business Units

Business & Opportunities in The U.S.

First Global Portal, with all the information from the United States of America in one place. We generate the first bilingual educational magazine Invertir USA, distributed in Florida and different Latin American countries, monthly by air, free of charge to companies, universities and governments (today, it is virtual).

Mobile App & Web Solutions​

At Webs-Inn we offer a complete Hosting service with 20+ Features Included and we generate knowledge of the web world, through our Academy, and the best tools for web development, including a “Do it Yourself” version, opening doors to entrepreneurs.

Advising and Consulting​

We are a team of experienced consultants, from different corporative areas. We work by focusing our efforts to generate solutions to the problems that existing companies battle with. We focus on various aspects of corporate and competitive strategy.

Business Development and Improvement

At Pgs - Plan we establish strategic alliances with companies that share our dreams, values and objectives, working closely to find effective solutions that promote products and/or services, using our knowledge, networks, and resources, in order to build a path to success.

Networking Club

Christian Networking which generates knowledge, spiritual support, connections, tools for personal and business growth, opening doors to business, all under the Christian philosophy and teachings of Jesus. People of Impact recognizes anonymous individuals who have had a positive impact on the community.


Come True

Our trusted and professional licensees are ready to give the care and guidance you need.

Strategic Solutions for Businesses

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