To advise companies in the United States and Latin America, providing solutions for increased productivity and efficiency and creating new business opportunities.

To create and develop strategic alliances that generate new structures and growth opportunities through the conquering of new markets; both in the United States and Latin America.

To advise and direct the creation of companies in the United States of America.

To give to the world correct, complete and timely information about the United States of America.

Develop innovative solutions in the internet market.

Philanthrophic contribution

To create a network with a global projection that trains, connects and supports both enterprise-level and/or staff with special programs that benefit the arts & culture and nonprofit organizations giving our time and energy to a cause.

To create, develop and commercialize solutions that facilitate business management in the United States of America and Latin America.

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Business Units

Business and Opportunities
in The U.S.

Trustworthy Consulting Group focused on Investment opportunities in the United States providing real governmental information to grow opportunities

Mobile App & Web Solutions
Webs-inn has created enhanced edge cutting tools to create both mobile apps and websites for either yourself or your clients easier than ever
Advising and Consulting

We are a team of experienced professionals, we work by focusing our efforts to generate solutions to the problems that existing companies battle with.

Business and Opportunities
in Latin America

Promotion, Development and Consulting of Investment opportunities in Latin America.

Business Development and Improvement

PGS Plan develops solutions fo increase business efficiency and productivity in a cost effective manner.

Networking Club

“A world of knowledge and experience integrated to enlarge opportunities that benefit the humanity.”

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